A Labour of Love

I recently made something very special for my friends’ wedding. Instead of giving the usual wedding gift, or even more impersonal, money, I decided to give them something I created myself — from the heart.

Here it is. I call it “Pitcher Perfect Tea” and envision delicious iced tea or Long Island ice tea inside their porcelain walls.

Design + photography are property and copyright Wendy Shirran Ceramic Art 2012

The porcelain cups are each a different, pleasant hue and have been pressed with varying textures, carved with thin scratches, which have been underglaze to give a rustic, weathered look. All feature deep black interiors. They sit on a textured porcelain tray, with the tall pitcher nestled in the centre.

Response to this design has been so positive that I’m now taking custom orders.

Pop me a line at wendyshirran@gmail.com or leave me a comment below if you’d like to get in touch about getting your very own Pitcher Perfect Tea set, handmade with love from me!



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