My work featured in downtown shop!

After a long first year settling into a new life and new job back home in Newfoundland, I’m finally back to producing at a rate I’m happy with. Between my work and my life, it’s been a whirlwind of a year, with not as much time as I’d have liked for producing my own creative works. That’s all changing now that I’ve had a year to get soem foundations built, and my mind (and hands) back to making clay just for me!

I have some news to share: my porcelain products are now officially “out there” for shoppers! The Craft Council Shop is the definitive source for fine Newfoundland and Labrador craft. Located in downtown St. John’s, the shop at Devon House attracts the more discerning shopper.  Here’s a peek at one of my pieces currently on display there:

One of my new porcelain cake stands, as featured in the Craft Council Shop. Note the carved heart spiral motifs and beautiful green glaze. It makes me smile!  (Photos: Jennifer Barnable).

I’ve had some pieces in Craft Council Gallery exhibitions over the past year and was so pleased that they sold fairly quickly. Now, I’m excited to be producing more one of a kind pieces for the Shop itself. If you’d like to see my current Shop pieces, pop by 59 Duckworth Street and ask Shannon to point them out.

As you can tell, I’m super excited to be featured in such a highly-respected provincial craft shop!

I also do custom orders, so if you have something in mind, I can help make it happen!  Just pop me a line at wendyshirran (at) or inbox me at my Facebook Page, Wendy Shirran Ceramic Art.

Thanks for reading!

Til next time,
Wendy 🙂


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