The Ancient Art of Pit Firing


The event poster you’ll see around downtown St. John’s. Hope you’ll join us!

This weekend, on August 11th, the Clay Studio holds its biggest event of the year: the 11th Annual Beach Firing Fundraiser.

This is my second summer as Clay Studio Coordinator, running this event.


Putting the final touches on some clay luminaries to add to the pit firing.

I really love being involved in this not just because it’s a great way for the clay community to gather, but also because it’s a fun way  to involve the public in such a different kind of cultural activity.

After all, this is the ancient method of firing ceramics! It’s really a dynamic process and the festivities on the beach only add to the appeal.

I hope the fundraiser does as well this year as it did last! Our Clay Studio is non-profit and can certainly use the support throughout the year from our event patrons.

The Beach Firing happens on Middle Cove Beach, a place with a sheltered cove, pebbled beach and steep cliffs on all sides — and it’s just 15 minutes from downtown St. John’s.

We’ll be wrapping clay creations in seaweed and copper wire, burying them in a deep sandy pit, sprinkling sawdust over it and then stacking it with bonfire wood before setting it all ablaze to cook the pottery underneath.

The minerals from the copper and seaweed leave incredible flash marks of different colours and shapes across the bowls, sculptures, vases and other creations. There are loads of photos if you click the link below for the event itself.

People at the beach can purchase beautiful ceramic ware straight out of the flames, enjoy lemonade, qualify for some prizes and learn more about pottery. Win win, right?

Learn more about the event, see awesome photos and RSVP here. It’s free to the public and going on all day long.

Drop by and check it out, strike up a chat with me and try to win a prize!

P.S. If it rains, it will go ahead the very next sunny weekend day,

Wish us luck!


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